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innerlogoThe Greek Beekeeping Center was founded in 1999 by Pantelis Kavouras, the main shareholder. The company is engaged in the packaging and standardization of honey.Moreover supports the greek beekeepers by providing them with premium supplies and also consults them on technical issues, based on the years of experience in the field of production.

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Curriculum Vitae: Pantelis Kavouras - General Manager


kavourasMr. Pantelis Kavouras was born in 1963, married with 2 children. After finishing his studies (Mechanical), he worked until 1999, in Cooperative Beekeeping, as a Production Manager. He founded the company taking advantage of the experience and expertise he had gained. Quickly, he differentiated from the market.The Center provides the beekeepers with premium quality products (different varieties of honey and honey of Protected Designation of Origin). Additionally, the centre has integrated units for packaging and processing honey and a unit for the support of the beekeepers. Provides them with beekeeping equipment and gives specialised advices concerning general issues and based on the experience of his General Manager.
Mr Kavouras is an official taster of the General Chemical State Laboratory.The Center has specialised packagings with certain specifications, suitable for use from great brands and companies that produce organic products of private labels (APIVITA,DIMFIL, etc.). The company has been certified by HACCP, ISO and has recently relocated to a new more functional place of 700 m².
Mr. Kavouras is member of the Board of Directors of the Cross-industry NationalCommittee of Honey and other Hive products and Vice President of the Association of Formulators of Greek Honey.