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Our mission and vision

Message of the General Manager

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The Greek Beekeeping Center remains faithful to tradition and puts high standards to
issues regarding quality and taste of honey. At the same time,it remains next to beekeepers and tries to:
• provide high quality equipment for the best choice of honey concerning quality andvariety
• provide honey of the best quality, and in many different packagingchoices
• have the full control of the production processes and the distribution to large Super Market chains in Greece and in European countries such as the Great Britain, Germany, The Netherlands, etc.

The Greek Beekeeping Center stands out for its professionalism and the trustworthy relationship that has built with its customers and the Greek beekeepers. Moreover, it was rewarded as one of the most productive business in Greece, form “This is Greece”, an initiative of the Bank of Commerce.

 Contact with us....

    10 Meandrou str., Nea Chalkidona
    email: beekeep@otenet.gr

    Factory :

    29th Souri George str.,Kamatero